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Wardrobe Designs

Your home is the place which is truly your personal space. A neat and tidy place is what you expect others to see when they visit your home.

Your home is one factor which proclaims to others what you really are. Your home interior is where your belongings are. Proper placing of your belongings hold much importance in showing the order and taste you have in your life.The space in your home for keeping your belongings can be properly managed and secured by proper selection of wardrobes. Your home will look more beautiful, spacious, stylish, and beautiful with proper wardrobes which seamlessly integrate with the rest of your interiors.


Interior Panelling Designs

Panelling is a wall or partition covering made traditionally using interlocking wood or other rigid or semi-rigid components like plastic, fiber etc. Many modern houses have Panelling in their designs in order to increase the overall beauty of the interiors.

The concept of Panelling was developed in the olden days to make individual rooms in stone-made buildings extra comfortable. The panels provided insulation to the rooms from the cold stone. In modern architecture Panelling is mainly used as a decorative item. Panelling is considered to be a supplement in the interior beauty of buildings. The two major types of Panelling are Wainscoat Panelling and Boiserie. Both these styles gained importance and acceptance in the 18th century Victorian architectural style.


TV Unit Designs

Designers like us who give prime importance to the needs and want of the customers, finds out the wish of the customer and provide the appropriate product. Such an attitude will not only help you get an aesthetically pleasing TV unit for you, but also give us satisfaction in satisfying the customer, that is you.

Compared to earlier days, TV unites or TV stands have become an integral part of interior designs. People used to place their TV's just on top of any free table they could find but now it's not the case. People want their TV units to look presentable, useful, and stylish. In the case of modern day TV units or stands, people are not just thinking whether it is functional and affordable; they want something that will go with their personal tastes and fashion.


Crockery Unit Designs

In the modern world, innovative and advanced styles of interior designs are adopted by most of the people. Modern Crockery Units are one of the very good examples of such a trend. A Crockery Unit is the predesigned shelf to keep your kitchenware conveniently. In simple terms Crockery units are the wardrobes for kitchenware.

Our innovative styles crockery unit designing offer elegant and gorgeous looks according to the latest trend. Mostly consumers like to adapt innovative crockery units which are suitable for their taste and their interior designs. We help you to choose the right crockery unit for you. We also provide you with the option of customizing the designs according to your needs and available space.


Bar Counter Designs

Most of the modern homes have a mini bar for the convenience of the inhabitants who wish to have a drink or so in their leisure times and relax. Integrating a proper bar counter to the interior designing of a home has gained much prominence these days.

Selecting the proper bar counter for you is not an easy task. There are many questions which you will have in mind. What should be the size? What should be the material used? What should be the colour? Will it go with the style of the rest of the home? What design should I choose? Well, this is where we can come in to your service.


Shoe Rack Designs

A shoe rack at your place can be of great convenience as you can arrange your shoes, sandals, etc in an orderly manner without taking up much space. The correct type of shoe rack for you depends on the number of shoes you have to hold and where in your home you want to hold your shoes and sandalss.

A well kept shoe rack can make your place look clean and in order. It will also leave such an impression to your guests, whether they realize it or not. There are many types of shoe racks available for you with us. You can choose yours according to your taste and convenience.


Pooja Unit Designs

Prayer is an important part of most Indian families. The whole family gathers together at one place in their home and prays to their god. It is important that the place of worship should have the feel of a place of worship- it should be neat, tidy, and peaceful.

Properly designed pooja units can be very helpful in making you home have a good prayer place. Pooja unit is a place in your home, which should be clean and calm. One should perform pious rituals in that room with a very healthy, serene, and peaceful mind.